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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Clear Idea - Great Support

I was fortunate to attend Tony Mayo’s wonderful presentation Whole Brain Leadership at the Leadership Breakfast.

His content was superb, and go see his show when you have a chance. You will be changed for the better. Can’t be helped.

The best lesson for me was about his presentation.

He had one very clear idea. Not an easy idea or an especially attractive idea, but one sharp focus. He spent his hour showing the benefit in a variety of ways, mental, intellectual, theoretical, experiential, physical, heroic, and humorous. Whatever way anyone in the audience needed to learn it, Tony was providing.

Many presentations, even when they are over, I’m not clear what the presenter wanted me to know. Often, the whole presentation has a subtext that this ain’t gonna work. They have one path for presentation and often generate more heat than light.

Tony Mayo wanted everyone to believe, so he cut his idea to a bare minimum, and then did everything he could to make it bright and wonderful. Works.