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Saturday, October 3, 2009

End of the Sales Funnel in Three Paragraphs

Kent Hammer of Hammer Consulting featured this three paragraph version in the September issue of The Hammer Letter. Here is the link to the original post of The End Of The Sales Funnel? 

For more than 40 years, the Sales Funnel has been the dominant model to chart how a prospect transforms into a customer. Originally a measure of what information had been released to a prospect by a sales person, the Funnel has been tweaked to predict sales volume, timing, required size of initial prospect class, and closing ratios. It is the Swiss army knife of sales management.

Today citizens have other sources of information about you. They can find your customers and competitors without alerting your organization. They are educated elsewhere.

If the Funnel is ending, you would be getting more off-funnel, bluebird, untracked sales. If you are, are your salespeople present when your prospects are learning about you and making their decisions?

What is your next model?

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