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Monday, October 19, 2009

Value of a Tag Line

I got a LinkedIn invitation and a breakfast with Joe Shumard, a Sales Lab Irregular from 15 years ago. We had lost touch.

At breakfast he said, "I suppose you want to know how I found you again?"

He is now Director of Development at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and was in a meeting discussing the value of tag lines. He said, "I remembered yours, 'Explosive Growth, Abundant Cash Flow' as the best one I had heard, so I went to the internet to see if it was copyrighted or anything. Low and behold you were all over the Google page. So I sent you that LinkedIn invitation."

I got that tag ten years previously, when I asked Jim Dixon, President of Bay Area Cellular Telephone what was the best thing I was doing for him. I was stunned by his response and never forgot it.

After seeing Joe, I came home and tried Googling "Explosive Growth, Abundant Cash Flow." Works best with the quotation marks, but it really works.

What are you using for a tag line these days?