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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Luhhhv Connection

Watching as new ideas turn into businesses or not, I am amused by how the cycle follows falling in love. And how many people keep getting stuck at the same early stage, then bailing out, and starting over.

First is infatuation, total concentration on the subject.

Then there is a honeymoon period, where support from the world buoys the relationship.

Next is a period of learning about each other, building value.

After that (if you're lucky) is a period of developing strength, synergies, pride and success.

Which should get you to a period of enhanced performance, ostentatious display of mastery, when the rest of the world notices.

Mergers, jobs, sales, often follow this pattern.

Start-ups are for young guys, finish-ups are for rich guys.

Comment if you can help extend the idea.