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Friday, March 18, 2011

A New-Style Science Faire

Paint Branch High School launched their Science and Media Signature Expo March 15th.

It is a new take on their traditional annual science fair.

“We knew we were losing the students with the traditional story boarded report of past experiments,” said Brian Eichenlaub, Signature Coordinator at Paint Branch. “We wanted as much motion, and actual demonstration as we could get.”

“In years past, we held our science fairs during the school day, attended mostly by science students. This year we moved it to the evening, and had an audience of almost four hundred students, parents and people who support the school entertained by over 100 projects with light, sound, and motion.”

The Signature Media Expo looked like a circus and a carnival, objects in the air, water spouting, and teachers racing for a vacuum cleaner to clean up spilled powder.

It was a happy confusion, hugely entertaining, and a lot of learning going on.

Where are you seeing education breakthroughs?