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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Change Of Command

A friend I started serving on a Board with 30 years ago, has been recruited (at 80!) and is relocating. I heard the story and said, “Somebody should throw him a party!”

Not being a party thrower, I asked our executive officer, an eager, hispanic Radar O’Reilly, “How much do I front you to get this done?”

The next day the XO called and said a lot of people from the organization wanted to attend, was that OK?

I had thought maybe a dozen of the old timers would be interested. In real time, I realized that this was more than recognition of a hard worker who stayed the course, more than a group hug.

This is a chance to show maybe a hundred people what good is. A change of command ceremony is a huge opportunity to teach culture.

Sometimes just getting underway opens new possibilities. 

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