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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cool Tools

Here’s an example of using appropriate (not new) technology in new ways.

Kevin Kelley has self published Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities, a book based on a ten year blog, and tells his story of publishing it.

If you would like to preview what is in the book, check out the Cool Tools blog.

I’m a tool junkie, started as a union carpenter, and still go to look at hammers when I can. Several Christmases ago, a unique gift was genuine Home Depot gloves, rule and APRON! 

You’re not supposed to be able to get the apron unless you are an associate. I have powerful friends.

Third post in Cool Tools was a next generation carpenter’s square I had never seen before, and reading the blog post I understand what an advance it is over the carpenter’s square. (I was a cutter, the guy on the crew who figures out the cuts using the square.)

These days I’m fairly literate on advances in organization and software technology, but seeing advances in my earlier field brings home the need for ongoing learning in every field. Education is being able to continue learning in an effective manner.

Which reminds me, Duluth Trading Company commercials are also a learning experience for the construction trades that I enjoy.

Kevin tells that many of the devices in Cool Tools are available from Amazon, and how one chain of bookstores refused to carry Cool Tools for that reason. What it shows me is how far Amazon has gone to provide what customers want.

Kevin has built a successor to The Whole Earth Catalog, which was the printed parent of the World Wide Web. He also notes that the catalog format may not be familiar to younger readers. Go figure.

I wonder what new inventions Cool Tools will spark?

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