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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WordPictures - Phrases That Lit The Bulb!

WordPictures is a continuing list, started before the Internet, of the best things I’ve heard, read, or said.

Good things happen when I keep my commitments

I’m not cheap...I’m frugal

I’d rather be workable than right

Life is what happens when you are planning something else

The *New* Bauhaus Philosophy for Internet Design - Form *Still* Follows Function

Websites (and other things) get “better,” not “finished.”

Learning from customers is a practice. We get better the more we do it.

Startups are for young guys. Finishups are for rich guys.

A model is a simplified version of reality. When your model no longer returns accurate results, improve your model.

The RIGHT picture is worth a thousand words.

Blessed are the early, for they shall find a seat.

One Man’s Wingnut is Another Man’s Guru.

The Internet is a network of computers. The World Wide Web is a collection of links.

Five stories is a culture.
Dick Davies

Sales is just a conversation with a yes at the end.
Jack Gates

If we can’t beat a copycat at our own game, we suck.
Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network

Rework is evil.
Bob Patterson, Boeing Corporation

Did you ever notice, no matter how hard you do the wrong thing, it never quite works?
Ted Long
If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
Red Adair

I began my cure of anger by noticing its effects in others.

The customer is in charge of the new world disorder.
Dieter Huckestein, Wired

It’s easier to give birth than to raise the dead.
Theo Androus

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.
Albert Einstein

Experimental confirmation of a prediction is merely a measurement.
An experiment disproving a prediction is a discovery.
Enrico Fermi

Sturgeon’s Law - 90% of everything is crud
Theodore Sturgeon

The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.
William Gibson

You manage things. You lead people.
Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive

If you’re not competitive, don’t compete.
Jack Welch, General Electric

Let’s not confuse activity with progress.
Paul Bortree

The Rule of Holes - If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
Outside Wall, Barnes and Noble, Bethesda

Win some, lose some, wreck some.
Dale Earnhardt

It's a fallacy of academic market theory that information is available equally.

Bill Van Dyke

Being a sales manager is life in (Covey’s) Quadrant 3 (Urgent/Not Important).
Bill Van Dyke

If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist.
Doc Fails, Fails Management Institute

Writing is evidence of thinking.
Werner Erhard

The first purpose of a brochure is to tell our side what we are doing.
David Kritzer

We have to stop paying people for duration and start paying them for innovation.
Paul Zane Pilzer

Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation. 
Carved in stone on the wall of the Scottish Parliament

Marketplace companies sell to consumers; enterprise companies sell to other businesses.
Marc Andreessen in The New Yorker

The first requirement for growth is a relentless commitment to tell the truth about reality.
The second requirement is surrounding yourself with people who are committed to growth.
Stewart Emery

There is no solution in the negative.
Dick Davies

Managers who focus on failure become experts on failure.
Dr. W. Edwards Deming

There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.
Robert Half

When I am teaching, I never say never and I don’t say don’t, if I can help it. I try to put everything in positive, constructive terms. ...when you are hitting a golf shot, a negative thought is pure poison.
Harvey Penick's Little Red Book

No matter what your interest or profession, the internet should now be your primary research tool.
Mario Morino

Some problems are best solved with an optimistic approach. Optimism shines a light on alternatives that are otherwise not visible. (p468)
Sheanna, Reflections on the New Order, Sandworms of Dune

There is a great paradox. We must use technology to the fullest extent possible to increase distribution. At the same time, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting...

Don’t focus on hierarchy. Hierarchy will change. Focus on solutions to problems...
Most consultants are very, very deep experts in one or two areas, but they don't really see where these areas fit in the context of their client’s business...
As a professional, I provide services to my clients and to my company. I am a vendor to each.

Ben Gorton

Networking is helping someone achieve their goals
Tom Peters

Any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

Philosophy drives attitude, which drives action, which drives results, which drives lifestyle.
If you have a problem with your lifestyle, check your philosophy.
Jim Rohn

If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it’s an electrical problem.
David Richardson, Construction Management Group

Remember Dick, there's no such thing as free money.
Harry Mulkey

Participation for sure, consensus where possible.
Scott McNeely
Stanford University Network Computers

Standards should be discovered, not decreed.
Computer scientist explaining why TCP/IP crushed OIS in
Where Wizards Stay Up Late - Origins of the Internet

We live in an age of oversupply. Customers have more choices than ever. If you tell people, “We offer high quality, low prices, good features,” what you’re really saying is, “We’re just the same as everybody else.”
Gunter Pauli, Fast Company

For every complex question there is a simple answer, and it is wrong.
 H. L. Mencken
It's okay to talk to yourself. Just don’t tell yourself any lies.
Danny Evans, Carpenter

The individual must shoulder the burden of defining what his or her own contribution will be. We have to demand...and demand is the word, nothing permissive...that people think through what constitutes the greatest contribution they can make in the next eighteen months or two years. Then they have to make sure that contribution is accepted and understood by the people they work with and for...

When you don't communicate, you don't get to do the things you are good at.
Peter Drucker, Managing Great Change

Profound knowledge is knowledge you understand and use immediately.
Tony Robbins
(Which means the value is created by the listener. - Dick)

Our organizational world is no longer a pattern of jobs, the way that a honeycomb is a pattern of those little hexagonal pockets of honey. Today's organization is rapidly being transformed from a structure built of “jobs,” to a field of “work needing to be done.”
William Bridges, JobShift

It’s not hard to be grateful. Just say Thank you when you wake up every morning.
A Calendar For Women Who Do Too Much

I don’t read five page résumés.
Deborah Pinckney, Lucent Technologies Employment Consultant

Two things force decisions...lack of time and lack of money.
John Sanders, Parables For Entrepreneurs at

There are two ways to sell. Either be the horse your customer can ride up the organization or play to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).
Gene Riechers - Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co.

Journalism is about facts. Fiction is about truth.
Bruce Goldstein

The Three T’s
A “Grook” (small poem) by Piet Hein

Change is inevitable.
The speed of change appears to be increasing.
Being hammered by change is exhausting, confusing and frightening.
Taking control of change is exhilarating, liberating and affirming.
Taking control of change greatly increases your probability of success.
Dick Davies
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  1. Sales is just a conversation with a yes at the end. - Jack Gates