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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is Web 2.0...And Why Should You Care?

Interested in a cool handout?
Two and a half years ago, I started giving talks about Web 20. I have spoken about:
Most recently I presented “What is Web 2.0...And Why Should You Care?” to the Capital Technology Management Hub, an offshoot of the George Mason University Technology Management Program. We covered the historical perspective, who was succeeding, innovative ways technology is being used, and what we are seeing about the shape of the future.
For the handout, I wanted a diagram suitable for hanging on the wall, and I am inordinately fond of this one. If you are interested you can get the brochure here.


  1. Like most new approaches to the conduct of business, be it private sector or government, there is a level of inertia required to move the new idead along. In the case of x.20 there is a learning curve that is not insignificant. The first task will be to understand what can be accomplished and then organizations will have to learn how to look at what they do and the way they do it in ways they have never looked at their missions before. IMHO private sector businesses will have the challange of culture to battle and the government may well find that to get the most out of x.20 new legislation may well be required. The challange then will be to intellectually engage the people who hold the purse strings. Dick’s view of x.20 is very intriguing.

  2. Web2.0 and Open source are tools that will help many people to advance in any market by improving their way of doing business, their products and services using their customer’s feedback as a powerful lead indicator to reach more and more happy consumers. (Knowledge is power model.)

    I was so fascinated with this topic that I went to check the web2.0 tools and I find two tools that I can recommend you:

    1) Zap reader which is a speed reader program that helps you to increase your reading speed.

    2) WoframAlpha-Computational Knowledge Engine( I wish I had this a few years back) this tool was design to display accurate information about almost any topic( to me this tool is a combination of world atlas books, world History books, dictionaries and a scientific calculator in one cool tool), it implements every know model, method, and algorithm under the sun, it’s just amazing!!!!."

  3. Customer feedback is valuable.

    Responding to the feedback is the key.

  4. 1. The best thing I learned from Dick's presentation (I mean discussion ;-) was his perspective on the industries' obstacles/challenges to web 2.0 adoption and the current process & status of this adoption.

    2. This applies to me and my company because we are in daily conversation with our clients about how they can embrace the internet and web based technologies to increase their business.

    3. I will now be able to reference Dick's perspective and leverage the examples to further my conversation with my clients and prospective clients.

    Nice job Dick.....another solide base hit!!! Thanks, -Ed.

  5. D.J. Cleary, Marketing, Twin Contracting Corporation said...

    1. The best thing I learned..."What can I find for my customers that is going to move them forward."

    2. How does it apply to me?...I'm going to "Pay it Forward"

    3. What will I do differently now?...More of 1 & 2 above, not only collect from the internet but provide.

  6. I liked Phillip's comment, "Let the customer take ownership of the relationship, they really own it anyway."