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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

“It’s Important Work We Do Here”

Twenty years ago I was a partner in a marketing company. We did a lot of innovative work.

The bottom rungs in our organization were researchers and typists. We picked up interns just out of school and had them doing an enormous amount of repetitive work that has now been replaced by computers.

We had an increasing morale problem. Business was flourishing. The work just kept coming. Mistakes were increasing.

Finally we came up with a new tactic. My partner would walk out of his office into the bullpen every day around 11 AM. He would look around, nod his head, and say,
“It’s important work we do here.”

Turn around and walk back into his office.

Morale improved. Our guys started paying better attention. They felt better about their jobs.

“It’s important work we do here.”

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