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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fail Forward Faster!

Attended an impressive meeting of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Small Government Contractors Consortium. Had some 20 companies represented.

We developed a series of ideas for integrating Web 2.0 into existing businesses and I was amazed by how everyone seemed to like someone else’s idea better than their own.

This was practical thinking by people running operating companies. None of the solutions would take more than a day to implement, and they seemed to be ideas they had been considering for some time.

The biggest hurdle was writing the page of what to accomplish.

My favorite ideas were how to strengthen a LinkedIn page,
Joining the AlexChamber LinkedIn group, and
Setting up a web page.

If you had one thing you could do to improve your business, what would it be?


  1. ONE thing to improve my business? Certainly, too broad a question. From my perspective or my clients'? although in the big picture/long term, both are tied together closely...and certainly giving the customer HIS one thing will eventually deliver MY one thing. Mine is clearly expand my sales/increase my revenues and corresponding profits, or may I say, increase "prospective client out reach" :-) My (and your) clients want improved communication and to increase return on the investment they are making in my services (not that we're not already delivering excellent results...we are!!

    The question is "which one thing?"...I suppose if I have the discipline it's.... serve the existing client and others will follow...."givers gain" ;-)

  2. I agree with Ed that it's a very broad a question. However, Dick is usually pretty precise in what he says or here goes:

    "Top-of-mind awareness" is key. As such, anything (legal)that achieves that objective I think is worthwhile.

    So, in this interconnected high-speed world by replying to insightful blogs is perhaps one of the best ways to gain T-O-M awareness.

    All part of "Taming the Terabytes"(c)

  3. The one I idea I have or wish is to be able to target the exactly correct audience to hear the message. Target marketing is getting better but is far from absolute.

  4. Dan and Ed,

    So I remember one time the famous gastronome James Beard was eating a wonderful dinner in a fabulous french restaurant. This commentator from the food network came up and says, "James Beard, the famous gastronome! How would you eat an elephant?"
    Beard wipes his beard with a napkin, ponders, belches, and responds, "One bite at a time?"

    One bite at a time.