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Friday, September 17, 2010

McCaw Values

On the LinkedIn McCaw Alumni group, Viki Andino asked for the McCaw Values from the wallet card. Jan Albert and over a dozen others responded.

Choked me up. Took me back to the Huey delivering the cell site on Mt. Tamalpais. Those values are still worth keeping today.

Best use of LinkedIn Groups I've seen. Too good to keep inside the group. Thanks!

Our goal is to establish our company as the premier convenience communications1 company in the world. To do this, we must earn the continuing loyalty of customers by providing them with network service systems which they acknowledge to be of superior value in a way which is profitable to us, thus creating long-term rewards for our shareholders and employees.

Therefore, we will:

 1. Hire and develop great people (it's  the most important thing we do). Decentralize  and empower them to make decisions, but  balance this to take advantage of our strengths.

 2. Stay close to our customers. Listen  to them and care for them beyond their expectations.

 3. Provide superior network service systems of the best quality, as defined by the  customer.

 4. Pursue excellence in all we do. It helps  make customers happy and gives real meaning  to life.

 5. Keep it simple. Focus on results (satisfying  customers), not on form (administrative processes).  This will be especially important as we grow.

 6. Run lean (but spend wisely to achieve our  goals and values).

 7. Be humble. It helps keep an open mind, a  caring attitude, and respect for others.

 8. Be a team player. Teams are more  powerful than individuals.

 9. Employ good judgment. It makes  empowerment work.

 10. Keep our promises. It builds precious credibility.

 11. Consider the future (with an eye on the  customer). Be flexible and open to new ideas  and change. Be respectfully irreverent, questioning established ways, the "impossible," and  things that conflict with our goals and values.

 By doing the above, we commit to becoming the world's premier convenience communications: company.


"Talk Your Business" coming October 4th at 40 Plus!


  1. How about feel your customer's pain and make it your own to solve?

  2. One of the best lists of corporate values I have seen yet! It is reassuring that truly superior principles remain relevant even after some time has passed. This post is a keeper...thanks Dick.