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Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Call

I was reading some old notes about why to celebrate failure, a slippery subject, maybe a mental game.

Then I realized that if I don’t announce my failures, it’s harder to move on.

Can’t have a breakthrough, without declaring the breakdown.

Otherwise I spend all my focus grieving, hanging on to a mental closetful of busted attempts.

Burn the suckers. Light ’em on fire and dance in the light.

Start something new in the morning.

Wotcher think?

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  1. Confession is good for the soul. Admitting your mistakes gives you permission to learn from them; that is how you grow and get better.

  2. Dick:

    Over and over again I have found that we learn more from the busted play than we do from the perfect case.

    Perfect is delightful when it happens, but happening is rare. We are innovating on the run when it is flawed, even though we have experience in the area.

    Contrast that with the knowledge bank of a thing that has gone bust and we recovered - we learned what didn't work and what did. Next time we can avoid the former (hopefully) and apply the latter for another success, even in trying times.