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Monday, November 7, 2011

It’s Not The Technology...

I was with a friend who sang the chorus of “I don’t do technology” more times than I had verses.

He wistfully wondered where all the dialing-for-dollars sales jobs have gone. I disrecall he liked them much, either.


James Patterson gets much better rewards from moveable type than Johannes Gutenberg ever did.

It’s not the raw technology. It’s what you figure out to do with it.

How are you adapting technology for the world?

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1 comment:

  1. Dick:

    The kids get the latest sneakers and justify it (beyond just being cool) by claiming this 'new technology' will improve their...

    They get the latest game player, digital audio device, phone, or other electronic bauble - having it is cool and being in - but immediately begin practical application of the device - better scores, more music, texts in color...they use the technology.

    Our kids can teach us something valuable. I feel we learn a great deal about human relations by observing kindergarten kids on the playground (like Johnny smacking Joey because Sally ignored him)- the kids don't masking their interaction - adults, on the other hand, have similar tenancies but are creative in covering them up.

    The kids quickly go through the cool to practical grown-ups should take a lesson and not reject technology - or just buy it as an ornament - and instead head right to the practical.