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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Label Is Not A Solution

I hate when a CEO asks for an opinion of one of her people.

First of all nobody asks for my opinion of a happy situation. When it’s happy, they want to TELL me.

Not that we will disagree. How people are perceived is pretty straight forward.

However, if we come up with a different description of the same behavior, the chances are no action will be taken, so the situation persists. Paralysis by Analysis.

It’s better for me to get them to define their opinion of their situation. Then my value can come in recommending action to define a fix for our newly agreed situation.

Even if the fix is not the final fix, taking action notifies all concerned a change is gonna come, which they then generally create.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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1 comment:

  1. Dick:

    It is one thing to be engaged to assess an individual - it is completely different to be asked for a casual assessment.

    And to what end? Like with the internet, once the informal opinion is out there - it is out there context, no detail or explanation.

    It becomes an unplanned recommendation of sorts (even in the negative), and, as with intentioned recommendations, your reputation is on the line.

    Of course we are ONLY asked when the requester has a negative opinion - or they would be bragging about how great the individual is.

    Reminds me of a smoker who is constantly asking for suggestions about how to stop, while smoking another cigarette - it's another loaded cheeseburger and diet soda moment - soothes the guilt, does nothing for the problem.