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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I was watching a loser grinding to make a mark at a party. The more he tried, the worse he did. It was drunk and ugly.

Suddenly I got it. To gain respect, you have to be respectable.

Changed my relationship with the word. Previously respectable was nose in the air, Viennese middle class, not much use.

Now respectable is a lot less formal. Able to be respected. Familiar territory. Respectable has a lot to do with listening kindly.

Exploring Respectable will be a project this year. How do you see it?

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1 comment:

  1. Class was conferred by title in the ages of old. When titles disappeared, it was based on professional or elected level elected officials, lawyers, doctors, business titans.

    Some of that group still deserves respect, but individuals who conduct themselves in a proper manner and do things which benefit others are the prime targets of respect. Not just because of a title or function, but because of action and results.

    Respect should not be demanded or assumed - it must be earned.