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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Science Is Making


I was introduced to Phil Justus of the Rockville Science Center by a friend who is both a volunteer for RSC and a judge for the Washington Academy of Sciences Junior Academy.

We are all in violent agreement, that the only reason to learn science is to do science, and the more science you do, the more you learn.

Phil had a lovely riff about transforming the typical playground into a physics lab, showing levers, pulleys, centrifugal force, gravity, and a host of other concepts that could get a five-year-old ready for advanced placement work. All it would take are some descriptive plaques near each piece of equipment explaining a concept and showing how to set up an experiment. (For instance, move the plank on a seesaw to compensate for different weight on each end.) 

The RSC organizes Science Cafes bringing knowledgeable speakers to present to interested citizens. They are organizing behind the scenes science expeditions to the Smithsonian, trips to Rockville area archeological sites, robotic science camps, and an upcoming geology camp.

Phil and the RSC are looking for people to celebrate science as participants, activity organizers, fundraisers, and almost anything else you might want to do. Think of the program as continuing education for the whole community.

As your New Year Resolution, why not put some science in your life?

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  1. The Science Center is a gem in Montgomery County with a great mission - excite the kids about science.

    Imagine taking a walk along the C & O canal with a geologist for a walk & talk session on what is right in front of our eyes. This can make the topic come alive for students of all ages.

    Thanks for highlighting the Rockville Science Center on your blog.