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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Alexandria Experiment

Joe Shumard and I are planning an experiment to encourage the members of the Alexandria, Virginia Chamber of Commerce to adopt Web 2.0 technology for their businesses. Joe was one of the original Sales Lab Irregulars and now does Membership for the Alexandria Chamber.

Joe found me when he was developing a tag line for the Chamber. He remembered my tagline and searched to see whether it was still being used. I was all over the page. That search and Joe's deal-making skills produced this assignment.

I think we are in a renaissance of how business is being done, and as more and more people use the internet for research, mastering internet marketing becomes increasingly important.

We both believe that asking business owners to invest in untried technologies is hard on the salesman, so we will be showcasing successful free and low cost ways to build new business channels.

My post Friday on the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce LinkedIn Group was about how I built a free website using Google Standard Apps.

We will be discussing how websites, blogs, and social networks are used together to create extraordinary marketing. The technology is here. Let's use it now!


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