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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Julie Perlmutter – Channeling Ada

Today (March 24, 2010) is Ada Lovelace Day, a global celebration honoring women in technology.

This is the second year for the event, which is celebrated by blogging about your favorite woman in technology.

My favorite, is Julie Perlmutter, who introduces thousands of people to new technology with her Web Managers Roundtable. She enjoys the tribe and the celebration part of the organization, and is a pure technological agnostic, sometimes amused and sometimes bored by the intellectual heat and language of her partisan zealots.

Over the years, Julie has let us watch the Internet mature from a ringside seat.

I don’t think she ever met a technology she didn’t like, if the people said they wanted to have a meeting to learn about it. We’ve learned important things from big companies, small companies, idealists, and dreamers. We’ve learned about how it is, how it should be, and how it might be.

Julie’s core audience are the managers of the top 100 transaction websites in the Washington DC area.

This year, we put up a LinkedIn Group to augment the meetings. She must be doing something right because we average 100 people per meeting and we have over a thousand members on the Web Managers Roundtable LinkedIn Group, from all over the world.

Ada persists!

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