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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Eric Qualman of Socialnomics has updated his four minute video about the impact of Social Media here

When I blogged about the first video, my friend Jason came barreling up the next day and said, "That's the greatest thing I've ever seen on the Internet! Can I steal it?"

Steal it from YouTube? But why? That phrase instantly went into my all time greatest remarks.

I think this new version is much better, so Jason, this one's for you!


  1. Very enlightening vid. I should have known since I have been useing LinkedIn and Facebook for years.

  2. Hi Randy!

    What got me is it is now the MAIN channel!


  3. This is an awesome presentation! Believe what you see here. In less than 4:30 minutes, you can get it! Thanks, Dick.