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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Jack said, “I really liked your criticism model in the sales meeting. Say the name of the person and then say what they did that you liked. It sounded kinda woowoo, but it really worked.

“The people who had something to say and the people mentioned knew something important was going on, and the people who missed it, knew they had missed it without anyone making fun of them”

That wasn’t woowoo. That was organizational transformation at its finest.

And (I thought) there is no reason to tell anyone that, as knowing the words “organizational transformation” won’t change a thing that they do.

I'll take my victories where I find them.



  1. Positive reinforcement for the folks highlighted by their peers in the session.

    Reflective feedback for the ones not mentioned - the reflection is 'where did I miss the mark of being memorable'?

    And this is done without the angst of listening to critical (negative) comments.

    The really brave of heart will seek out participants on the break to determine what should be changed to make their statement memorable - another positive action!

  2. Thanks! You keep making this better.

    That last about seeking out...I say there is no solution in the negative (what to change).

    Reminds me of the definition of a focus group: A bunch of people who don't use your product who tell you what to change so they still won't use your product. *grin*